I would much rather talk about you, but I get that you want someone to take your portraits that isn't crazy!!


My family and I moved here 8 years ago from Massachusetts. Having a mom with strong roots from South Carolina and a dad that coached basketball, we rarely had time to dig in anywhere we went. I gladly went along to the next place, but South Carolina always felt like home. So here we are, back in the same state with my family, with frequent visits back to New England for business and selfish visits with friends. Complete with our 16 year old Captain America, Dennis Patrick, and our 11 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named after the host of Soul Train, Don Cornelius Bumblebee Lynch. Or, Bee, as to not run out of breath.

I'm also registered in the state of South Carolina as a cosmetologist. I can be found behind a chair at Beautiful Salon and Spa in Pawleys Island, a place where you need to be for your wedding day hair and makeup, hands down.

The thing is, I love to be in the background. There is nothing I love more than laughter, spontaneity and feeling. My goal is to provide a different take on the everyday. Let me show you.