She'll be here soon!

Kristen and Kevin were married on March 21st of this year. Literally as the world was closing up because of COVID. It was a beautiful celebration of friends and family, about half of what they were expecting. Nestled in Hollywood, South Carolina, The Old Wide Awake Plantation was the perfect setting for their nuptials. A few days after the wedding, they boarded a flight to St. Lucia for the honeymoon. Everything was in place for them, hotel still had the reservation, flights were still boarding and taking off. They had accomplished everything they set out to do, and were on their way for a week of rest and relaxation, only to be turned around in St. Lucia and put on the plane to go back. Needless to say, they were devastated. They spent their honeymoon at home in Charleston, with everything locked down by this point. But the most amazing thing happened, they are now expecting the arrival of Chrishann Lee Moody, somewhere around the middle of December!! The silver lining. Kristen, my cousin, and Kevin, my cousin in law, will be the most amazing parents. I'm so incredibly proud of them. Can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy!! Love.