Surprise Engagement!!

I now have a huge appreciation for the phrase "it takes a village"!! When Logan, who is the handsome son of my dear friend Jennifer, texted me and asked me to do this, I was over the moon for him! Plus, I had never photographed a surprise like this! We agreed to meet and make a plan. When I heard about Meghan and how she could potentially sniff out this surprise, I couldn't wait to meet her! Everyone turned off the locations on their phones....something I would never have thought of! So smart! She looked, too!! Logan's friend Mackenzie was a big part of this, helping execute a carefully crafted plan for his surprise. It was their first year anniversary, and had talked about marriage....just the "when" was the mystery. On their way to dinner, they would stop by Mom's house to drop off a tool borrowed, and then he would ask her to come out back to show her something. She figured it out pretty quick and it was just so sweet and romantic!! Their parents awaited in the house upstairs with a full view of the three of us on the dock. I can imagine what it looked like from there! Meanwhile, two miles away, the rest of the "villagers" were anxiously awaiting their arrival with confetti guns, champagne and excitement! It was so beautiful. Congratulations to Logan and Meghan! Now to plan the wedding!! Love.